Welcome PEOPLE of Earth


Hayyyyy y’all! Don’t worry, I’m not southern.

Welcome to my blog! It’s my first REAL blog. I had a WordPress blog called Jade’s Art Project, but I quit that. And now I’m starting…. Eat This, Paint That!❤️

Oh and my name is Jade😜.

I really want to make an effort and provide great and interesting content for you.

I will also be showing you step by step paintings, delicious food, and more about living the life of a teenage girl.

Okay, time to be honest. I’m not a teen, YET. I WILL be turning 13 in November though! Although, a little fun fact about me is that people think I’m in high school.🥸🤣

Anyway, let’s get back on track here. Alright, so, FOOD, ART, LIFE, TIPS, STORIES, AND MORE! What else could you want?

Well, I can’t give you a million bucks🙄.

Stick around. You won’t regret it! I promise to the moon and back.🥳🌚

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