My Dramatic Home-Coming Story


To start off, father, if you are reading this click off right now. Don’t ask questions later.

Anyway, last, last Friday (10/14) was one of the best days of my life. Why? Because, my home-school group threw a home-coming dance🤓.

I hate dancing, but I thought it’d be a fun experience, so I went.

It was so fun and so dramatic for me and my friends. I’m sure you’re wondering what happened, so I’ll get to it.

I guess I’ll tell you all the details……. it all started when I arrived.

My heels were killing me. It was dark, even though it was only 6:30. I walked up to the church (the home-coming was at a church) and greeted my friends. I slowly turned my head looking for a certain someone and found him.

I had prayed that Friday would be a great night, and I got my wish. I ran into more friends and slowly wandered off into the dance room with a few peeps.

It was SO loud, and I went blind by the lights. I did not want to dance, but a friend named Jaelyn pulled me out. I felt awkward, but then I started getting into it. The dance was western themed, for your visual.

I went to put down my stuff (phone and flannel), but a dude stopped me and asked me to dance. I did not want to, but I said okay because I didn’t want to hurt his feelings, but it was SO loud he couldn’t hear me. So he thought I said no and walked away. I felt so bad, but I continued to put down my stuff and ran back to my friends.

There were people dancing in the center while the rest were surrounding them and clapping to the beat. I never went inside. A few of my friends did though. I looked around again for my crush. He and his friends were getting ready to run in the center and be idiots, per usual, but it was fun. I told my friends I was going back outside and a few followed me out. It was around 7:30 now.

I grabbed a snack and so did my friend Joey (Joanna). We were talking and asked each other who we wanted to ask us to dance. I said my crush and she named named off a few dudes. I felt bad for her cause her guy wasn’t there. That was the same situation for my other friend too.

Okay, I don’t know if I should tell you my crush’s name. But his name does start with a W, so I guess I’ll call him that🙃.

W, and his friends, Nate, Jacob, and Aiden, were over by the gate goofing off while me and Joey started playing this game called mafia. I thought I’d play cause I was bored and looked like fun. I was the second one to die and it turns out Joey was the killer.

I looked back and saw W still playing with his friends, and me, a girl named Bertha, and another friend, Caroline, walked around as I made my way back to the dance room. I had more fun with my friends, and I felt bad for Jaelyn cause her ex was there, and it was awkward for her.

The guys came back in and ran into us.

I again walked out with Bertha’s sister following me and found Caroline again. Earlier, Bertha was asking me if I liked W, but I couldn’t say yet. Her sister then said to me, “I think someone’s gonna ask you to dance.” I asked why, but she thought I said who and pointed to W, Nate, Jacob, and Aiden.

Just then, Nate came up to me and said, “my friend wants to dance with you”.

My heart was beating so freaking hard. He said, “W wants to dance with you.”

I was internally screaming to death, but tried to look confused, and not desperate. W came up to me and said, “he’s lying,” and Nate shot back, “No I’m not dude, you need someone, you were literally just over there saying that you wanted to.”🤭

Then Nate asked me, “do you want to dance with him?”. I took a long time to answer, so that I didn’t seem desperate. I answered, “ummmm, I guess?”, “Sure?”.

They walked away and started teasing him. I looked back to my friends and screamed. They asked what happened and I told them the whole story.

I walked my way towards the snack table with Bertha and her sister, and Nate came up to me again. “So do you want to dance with him?” he asked. I saw W trying to run away while Jacob and Aiden were holding him there. “I guess?” I said again. Then I heard W’s brother, Wesley, yell, “dude, you scored a girl!”. I was so embarrassed.

Then Nate turned to W and started talking to him, and Bertha told me she heard Nate say it was a dare.

I asked her sister if she heard that too and she said yeah. Then I got scared he didn’t like me. I walked, AGAIN, into the dance room and Nate and the guys followed me in. I told Jaelyn what had happened and she was excited for me. She soon danced with Aiden, and I was glad she wasn’t down anymore.

A bit later, Nate came up to me and said, “W said he’ll dance with you if I dance with you.”

I wanted to dance with W so bad, but I didn’t know what to do, so I said, “sureeee??”

So I danced with Nate, and W kept chickening out. Later, I find out he didn’t want to dance in front of his mom since she was there. I felt kinda bad for him and a bit embarrassed for myself.

Nate was really cool and kept telling me that W REALLY liked me.

Soon, I danced with Jacob, because he hadn’t danced with a girl yet. Then, I danced with my friends some more, had some fun, then I got a text from my dad that he was there to pick me up. So, Jaelyn walked me out, we said our goodbyes, and I left.

I have no idea what is going to happen this Friday (10/28). Since last Friday (10/21), he didn’t show up to our home-school group.

I do think it all happened for a reason. Wednesday, Nate said, “By the way, I am so sorry about W.” I said it was okay, but then he went on to say, “Turns out, yesterday all he was talking about was my sister.” I froze. “What?” I asked. “Yeah.” He responded. “Well, does he still like me?” I asked. “I think so…..” Nate responded.

I was mad, because I had pretty much told W at the dance that I am very into him, and he talks about another chick. Although, my friend Billie, Jacob’s sister (the dude I danced with), told me that Jacob wanted to get my number. Jacob’s kinda cute, but I wonder if God had planned for us to be together, but I HAVE NO idea, because I mean, I still like W. I do think he’s not really boyfriend material yet though. Needs to mature….. a lot!

DANGGGGG, this is so much longer than I thought I’d be.

Anyway, hope this was a story that interested y’all!🤠 Sorry there were no pictures, but if I come across one, I will definitely put it in this post.

There will probably be more posts like this in the future so stick around!

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