Abstract Painting


This painting is probably the coolest, and yet easiest painting you could ever paint.

I’ve seen people do this on Pinterest, so I decided to make one of my own.

I love abstract paintings, sketches, etc. For example, Picasso. He’s one of my favorite artists.

Here are a few of Picasso’s paintings.

Making this painting was messy, but FUN!

I actually have it hanged up on my wall in my room. LOL.

I love painting! You can seriously paint anything on a canvas!

Ahhhh, the life of art. Art has been around for so long. In fact, I’m learning about the Renaissance (rebirth).

It was a very interesting time full of music, art, European culture, and political and economic views.

The Vitruvian Man By Leonardo Di Vinci
The Sistine Chapel Ceiling By Michelangelo

Anyway, here are the instructions!🥳🤩👩‍🎨

Abstract Painting


  • 1 8×10 canvas
  • 6 different colored acrylic paints of your choice


  • Gather your canvas and paints.
  • Squirt the paint onto the canvas straight from the tube/bottle.
  • Don't use too much, but just enough of each color to cover the whole canvas when spread.
  • Once all the paint is on- tip over the canvas so that the paint slides to the end that is downward.
  • Then, tip it over to the other side.
  • Turn it, shake it, tip it.
  • Once the canvas is fully covered, leave it out in the sun to dry for 30-40 minutes.

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