Hey, everybody! I’m Jade. A tomboy, to-be-teen girl🐵💞. Some of the little facts about me are:

I am the oldest of 4 siblings (all together)✌️, my favorite color is army green💚, my birthday is on November 25, I’m home-schooled, I live in Arizona🤠, I am a Christian😇, people think I’m in high-school🤓, I’m 12 though, I have a flip-phone🤐, and I do jujitsu🥋.

When I said some, I meant a lot! LOL. There’s a few more….

I’m very sarcastic. I kinda need to work on that🤫.

I love horror and comedy films👻💕.

I don’t get scared easily, so some movies I’m not “afraid” of, but there is one that scares the crap outta me. Probably everyone has heard/seen this. Okay….. don’t laugh…… it’s…….


I hate it. Ever since I was, what, 5? I have had a STRONG hatred towards that movie💪.

LOL. Well, that took a dark turn.💩


Here are some pictures of my family and I. (In most I’m 9 or 10)💖.

Me and My sister (Natalie)
Me right now
Me getting my 1st stripe at jujitsu
My little brother (Sam)
My other little sister (Miki)
Me and Miki
me again
baby me and my mum

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